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401 Programming

CrossFit 401 programming is original and created by Head Coach and Co-Owner, Ray Fleser. For Coach Fleser’s bio, 

For $20 per month, subscribers have access to our members portal via the PushPress service. This means they download the app, just like our in-person members, and can see the workouts and record their scores, just like our in-person members. 

401 Programming includes ALL of the class workouts at CrossFit 401. So, subscribers can log in and see the daily CrossFit workouts, the bi-weekly Boot Camp workouts, and the 4x per week Olympic Weightlifting workouts. 

We recommend subscribers follow the programming one week behind. This will allow us to fix any errors that occur in real-time. If you follow in real time and a tech issue arises, you could be without a workout. If you follow a week behind, you will never have to worry about having any issues viewing the programming. 

Note to competitors: our CrossFit class programming is an all-encompassing hour of fitness and will challenge even the most elite athletes. The five weekday CrossFit workouts, combined with the four weightlifting sessions, will provide most athletes with the means to become a high-level competitor. However, many athletes will want more. By staying one week behind, you can map out the week and see the foundation that 401 Programming provides, and see where you insert additional training pieces that you need as a competitor. 

To sign up for 401 Programming, 

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