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About Maggie.

Maggie started CrossFit when she was 14 years old and fell in love with it instantly. But it wasn’t just the sport itself, it was the community and athletes surrounding her that pushed her to strive to be better. Spending most of her time already competing in sports, volleyball, basketball and lacrosse, she loved that CrossFit had a whole new level of competitiveness that would make her develop as a better athlete.


In 2021 Maggie had found that her passion for CrossFit had developed into such more than just a competitive workout. She wanted to help anyone she could so she earned her CF-L1 and started coaching. 

Maggie embodies what it means to CrossFit, she believes in the functionality and practical movement patterns to help the beginner and more experienced athletes live a healthier lifestyle. If you are new to the gym or a seasoned veteran, Maggie can help you reach the goals you want!

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