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Boot Camp

Our Boot Camp is a 30-40 minute, butt-kicking workout that is likely to involve biking, rowing, burpees, kettlebell swings, sit-ups, and other similar elements. It is inclusive to all levels of fitness, it is simple and it is light-weight; but, it is NOT easy! Get ready to sweat! 













Boot Camp Vs. CrossFit

CrossFit 401 offers a Boot Camp class to make sure everyone who wants Constantly Varied, Functional Movements, Performed at a High Intensity is still taken care of, regardless of some contest to protocols seen in our CrossFit classes… 

CrossFit class will max out lifts and spend time resting between sets to get as heavy as possible. Some people do not want that. In Boot Camp, you will use weights, but you will not lift heavy, or beyond 50% of a 1 Rep Max. 

CrossFit class will work different time domains, including sprint efforts. The cardio, or metcon, section of a class may be as short as 4-5 minutes of all-out sprint intensity. Some people do want that. In Boot Camp, the cardio portion will always be at least 30 minutes. 

CrossFit class will involve gymnastics, olympic weightlifting, and other high-skill movements. Although there are scaling options for every age and level of ability, some people do not want to learn the progressions and would rather keep things simple. Boot Camp will not involve advanced gymnastics or olympic weightlifting. 

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